Transforming the educational sector with innovative solutions and building a future of technologically empowered individuals.


MY ESTUDY (Digital Library)

MyEstudy is a robust digital library for schools and students with more than 250 courses and 1000+ E books ranging from basic educational courses to management, technology, programming and professional courses.
Students can find new topics and subjects easily for the right skills set (such as technology, programming, writing, Idea management, Leadership. etc).
Schools can also create their own e-library, upload books and have access to hundreds of materials to help their students acquire new knowledge and skills everyday.   Every students can create their own library and upload their books and materials and share with friends and also do research works on the platform.

Diim Apps and Technologies


The PayManager is a professional payment collection suite that makes it easy for schools to set their school fees and examination fees for easy online collection. Payments can easily be made by parents or guardians via debit or credit cards to the school's account.   With Paymanager, you can now collect school fees, exam fees and other fees online and track payments and receipt easily on the platform.

Schools also have the options of paying a yearly fee of N500,000 and bill students for the use and maintenance of the platforms as they choose. Settlements are made to us at beginning of a new section or business year which ever applies for the school and with respect to time of integration. This yearly service and maintenance fee may increase for schools that have more than one branch. Service fees are also considered for schools with fewer number of students that also wish to settle us yearly for the platforms and bill their students as they choose. This consideration can only be considered when a school has less than 100 students.